How do we know what instrument to choose? 
There is no limit to what a student can choose to begin with, some of our students take piano, voice and songwriting at the same time and it helps to keep variety in their lesson. Ask your child what interests them, what are their favorite singers and bands and go from there. We will be happy to help you narrow it down if needed and explore what inspires them.

Do you offer trial lessons?
Of course! Contact us and we will set up a thirty minute meet and greet lesson for you for a small fee.

How much are private lessons?

We offer weekly private lessons in home starting at $160 a month.



How often and how long are lessons? 

Lessons are weekly and depending on the student’s age and needs are set at 30 minutes, 45 minutes and hour long meetings.

Do you teach adults?
Of course! Tuition is the same price and we are skilled at focusing on the wishes of each specific student.

How old should my child be to start private lessons?

We recommend three years old but we provide group  classes for all ages.



How often should my child practice?

Every day musical students should take time with their instrument.

Just like working out or homework, learning music is a daily practice that builds on your daily work on your art.

How can I keep my child motivated to practice?

We have a great incentive program in place at the school with long term goals that reward, and we would be happy to develop one for you to use at home too.


At home

Is a keyboard ok for a piano at home?
A keyboard will work fine for practicing and we are happy to help in the purchase of a new or used one.

Do we need a guitar or ukulele at home to start guitar or ukulele lessons? 
Yes, and we are happy to help you find the right one for your budget.

Ready to get started?

Shoot us an email at AtlantaMusicEducation@gmail.com

Or contact Ms. Elexa at 404-436-1110

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