Star Students and Music Ambassadors

Star Students

Atlanta Music Education strives to give all children the chance to grow, learn, and express themselves through music. This semester, we have awarded three of our AME students with the Star Student Scholarship!

Juliana is one of Mr. Gabe’s newest students. She’s six years old and has an incredible voice for her age. She loves music from The Greatest Show Man and Disney movies. She’s an active performer in her community doing kid’s open mics frequently.
Justin has been in the studio since he was about three years old. He started with ukulele lessons with our Co-Founder, Mr. Matt, who tragically passed away a few years ago. Justin is now seven years old and is Ms. Elexa’s student. Last year won the Encouragement Award in his category at the Performing Arts Conservatory of Atlanta Vocal Competition.
Maggie is seven years old and is one of Mr. Gabe’s students. She’s a piano student and she’s very focused. Maggie is an active member of our program, frequently participating in open
mics and recitals. She was also a music ambassador in our spring recital this year!

Music Ambassadors

Music ambassadors are specially recognized for the exemplary work in lessons and are greeters at our formal recitals. Each music ambassador gets an award and speech at the end of their recital to recognize their wonderful work.
Spring 2019 – stay tuned to find out!
Winter 2018 – FOUR recitals for the first time ever so we had lots of great students to award!
Rainey S.
Elizabeth, Olivia and Ben
Vivian and Ryan
Analise, Ava and Jessa
Spring 2018 – Treble Clef and Bass Clef Recitals 
Justin and Lucy
Grant and Ian
Spring 2018 Star Student feature: Talented voice and piano student, Maggie has been attending camps and lessons with Ms. Elexa for almost five years. She was also chosen for Ms. Elexa’s conducting of the children’s chorus in the Italian opera La Boheme with Capitol City Opera. This semester she will be gracing her schools main stage performance as the lead in Hairspray. Yesterday we celebrated her 13th birthday and she ended her evening with a very well prepared audition for the Dekalb School of the Arts. Maggie, we are so proud of you and how far you’ve come! You’re an inspiration to everyone! Congratulations on all your accomplishments and we can’t wait to see all you will continue to accomplish. 

Winter 2018 Music Ambassadors Treble Clef Recital

Talia and Sophie!



Winter Recital 2018 Bass Clef Student Ambassadors Sara and Kali!



Spring Recital 2017 Music Ambassadors Treble Clef Recital

Zara and Elizabeth!


Bass Clef Recital

Marly and Taylor!


Music Ambassadors Winter Recital 2016

Bass Clef Recital – Maggie and Sara



Treble Clef Recital Winter 2016

Zoe and Elliott18582267_1698737800142444_2568136219090843926_n

Spring 2015 Student of the Month is John Jr!

Mr. Matt’s piano student, John Jr. recently graduated to his second lesson book on the piano and is currently working on Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Preparing for what will be his first recital at Atlanta Music Education, John has been working hard and always comes to class wearing a big smile. This past summer, he was an outstanding classmate, as well as a fast learner in music camp. He also performed with a bunch of young singers at the Tucker Small Fall Music Festival in October.
As a huge sports fan he goes to as many games as he can with his dad, John Sr. He, and his dad also share a passion for music. John demonstrates what it really means to have fun with music. He always displays an infectious enthusiasm and as Mr. Matt can attest to the fact that his one liners are hilarious. Mr. Matt and Ms. Elexa are so proud of how he has grown as a musician and are looking forward to seeing the next steps from John.

Winter 2015 Student of the Month is Ms. Elexa’s voice student Anna!


Anna has been a vocal soloist in two recitals with Atlanta Music Education and currently is preparing for spring 2015 recital. This year, she has worked tirelessly on preparing for Georgia All State Choir. She succeeded in her auditions and will be joining this elite group for her first time and Ms. Elexa and Mr. Matt couldn’t be more proud. Anna is a great example for her younger brother Sean who also studies voice. She is an inspiration from all of her dedication and hard work. We can’t wait to see how she blossoms even more through her experience with All State.

Student of the month Summer 2014 – Sophia


Young soprano, Sophia, has been taking private lessons with Ms. Elexa for over two years and has performed solos at three recitals. She participates in her school talent shows and loves a good Taylor Swift song.

In the Spring of this year, her father and her performed a beautiful rendition of “Let her go” with guitar and piano.

Sophia is a hard working, talented and passionate musician and we know she’ll take her music far in her life. Congratulations to Sophia!

Student of the month Spring 2014 – Lucy


We are ecstatic to announce that Lucy is our student of the month for June. Lucy is a ukulele, guitar and voice student taking private lessons with both Ms. Elexa and Mr. Matt weekly. She rocked Spring Recital 2014 performing on a loop box and electric guitar a cover of a Beatles song and singing a Head and the Heart piece.

Lucy has started her first week of being a junior counselor for Summer Music Camp and has been a huge help. She even volunteered her services for our musical petting zoo booth at the Decatur Arts Festival during Memorial Day Weekend and we couldn’t have done it without her.

Her enthusiasm for learning new music and dedication to her musical craft is unlike any other and we are so very proud to have her in our studio.

Winter 2014 Student of the Month – The Hall Siblings


Maia and Dylan both put on fantastic performances at Spring Recital 2014. Their finally was a great way to end the first show. They also served as a terrific representation of our school by being two of our Musical Ambassadors. This brother and sister duo love to sing and play guitar together.

Last year Maia and Dylan were a great addition to our summer camp. Mr. Matt really enjoys teaching Maia and Dylan and he says they always make him laugh when they start giving each other a hard time. Expect more great things from this duo in the future!



 April 2014 Student of the Month – Madison


Maddy has been taking piano lessons with Ms. Elexa for over a year and has performed in three recitals with Atlanta Music Education. She is a pleasure to teach every week and set the bar of how to be an exemplary music student at summer camp last year during Radio Rockers week. She has a piano bulletin board above her piano with all of her certificates and awards from her hard work. She shined at last Spring’s Atlanta Music Club’s Young Performers Concert in Marietta. Madison loves playing duets with Ms. Elexa and with other students at group class.

She’s now memorizing her show stopping “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky for our Spring 2014 recital. She is a great role model for her younger brother, Lawton, and they both talked Ms. Elexa into trying dried seaweed snacks last month at their house. It was actually yummy!

So proud of Maddy and her hard work as a musician.



 February-March Student of the Month – Goldie

“GoGo” has been taking lessons with Ms. Elexa in piano since last summer. She is very hard worker and she inspires her little brother, Myers, who takes ukulele with Mr. Matt to become a better musician too. We were most inspired by Goldie’s spirit when she had her 8th birthday a few weeks ago.

When Ms. Elexa asked her what she was doing for her birthday party, Goldie explained that her and friends were going to a local animal shelter to volunteer and instead of birthday presents she requested that families bring pet food to donate to the shelter. It just melted our hearts to hear this story! What a beautiful student we have in our studio to care for others so much! Congratulations Goldie!



November-December 2013 Student of the month – Harrison


Harrison has been taking ukulele lessons with Mr. Matt for over a year but he is a very multi-talented student. Harrison loves to sing and act too and has been in two public performances this school year alone.

His opera debut was with Capitol City Opera in it’s fall 2013 production of Puccini’s La Boheme under the children’s choir direction of our own Elexa Bancroft.

Harrison loves performing and you’ll see him out at ukulele open mic nights around the Tucker and Atlanta area and performing in his school talent show.

Come see him at the Spring 2014 recital playing the rocking, “House of Gold” by 21 Pilots with his younger brother, Sully, who is also a bright young musician too!



October 2013 Student of the Month – The Darling Sisters

Katie Paige and Amelia have been studying with both Ms. Elexa and Mr. Matt for over a year. This year, Amelia has taken up guitar lessons with Mr. Matt after some piano with Ms. Elexa and Katie Paige is working on her third book with Ms. Elexa on the keys.

Both sisters are composers. Katie Paige wrote a birthday and a Halloween song and Amelia is on her second composition herself. Amelia just picked up with ukulele on the side and loves the Beatles while Katie Paige loves Beethoven and silly songs.

Congratulations to both of them!

kp   amelia


May 2013 Student of the Month – Taylor


Taylor has been making strides in three musical disciplines since she started lessons. Voice, ukulele and piano are her choices and she mixes them with ease. Taylor performed at the Atlanta Music Club’s Young Performers Concert and even wrote a composition, named simply, “Silent Glory,” to the performance.

This Spring Recital 2013 will feature Taylor as a vocal soloist in one of our intermediate group songs by the band Of Monsters and Men. Her ease with singing in front of a large group and working the microphone is a true talent for her age. We so enjoy teaching Taylor and she is a role model for younger students in the studio.


April 2013 Student of the Month – Sarah


Congratulations to Sarah who has been working hard for our spring recital in both guitar and voice. She has had double lessons expanding her vocal repertoire with popular, musical theatre and a French song.

Currently she is applying for a private school with a strong arts program that some of our other talented students attend and we wish her the best of luck.

Sarah attended our musical group outing to Fiddler on the Roof and even studied privately songs from that show to be able to sing along at the showing at the MJCAA.

Talking with her in her last voice lesson, we reminisced on how quiet and shy she once used to sing and now she will be stealing the show at recital in May for sure. In this picture from winter, Sarah lead the singers’ trio in Taylor Swift’s song, “Mean” and will be leading a duet with Mr. Matt of Swift’s “Lucky One’s” this spring.

As a multi-disciplinary music student, Sarah has come very far and has a bright future ahead of her too.



February 2013 Student of the Month – Claire


Clare has been working very hard this term throwing out a bad habit of practicing and rushing through songs to conquering supplemental pieces at the piano one step at a time. Very proud of her dedication to songs that take more than one week to learn, like the Can Can and The Entertainer by Scott Joplin.

Claire’s new practicing habits are helping her exceed out of her lesson books into songs that everyone can recognize. She has been taking piano lessons with Ms. Elexa for over a year and a half and is also a very talented composer.



December 2012 Student of the Month – Aarini!



Aarini is an active participant in group classes this semester and has began singing lessons along with her piano work she has already been working on for over a year in private lessons.

Aarini participated in her second recital this month and performed not one, but two selections at the piano along with singing in the finale.

Aarini and her mother love Mozart and they showed it by attending Ms. Elexa’s opera in September to listen to Mozart magic being sung by her teacher.

Ms. Elexa and Aarini met Beethoven himself at Emory University’s family day at the Michael Carlos Museum’s Beethoven in Blue Jeans concert. They analyzed the program together and completed worksheets about what the songs sounded like to them.

Aarini you are a very hard worker and your achievements and large strides in the musical world are going to bring you far!



October-November 2012 Student of the Month – Clare

Little Miss. Clare is an elementary piano student and is bringing in the new month by graduating to her THIRD piano course book since beginning lessons at the first of the year.

She rocked it out at group lesson in September playing the piano to a trio of Ms. Elexa on ukulele and Mr. Matt on guitar to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and helped in singing and playing “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Houndog”

Clare is a fast learner and is destined to great musical adventures in the coming years we are sure. She was the first student this semester to complete her 20 stickers on her sticker chart to get a prize from the musical treasure box!


August 2012 Student of the Month – Nell

Nell has been taking music lessons for over 3 years including flute, voice and piano. This last school year she was cast in her school musical Bye Bye Birdie and also performed in her school’s talent show singing Adele songs with a group of fellow students.

Nell is advancing fast in the vocal world increasing her repertoire with musical theater, classical and singer standards in addition to fun pop songs that she is learning to play and sing at the same time on piano.

In the spring of 2011 she auditioned and was accepted into the Atlanta Young Singers of Callanwolde and their choir just returned from competition season this summer winning many awards including multiple golds!

We are so very proud of Nell and her musical accomplishments and look forward to her auditioning for her first All State competition in voice this school year and her being accepted!

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